Friday, May 11, 2018

What is a student to do?

You are being bullied.
You are sad, mad and don’t know what to do.

Cry, bring a knife to school, or hurt yourself.  These are the common choices.  Or do nothing and let it get worse.  Days, weeks and months creep by.  It gets worse, then betterbut almost always worse again.  Before you realize it years have gone by and you wasted all your negative emotion and feel worse than ever.

I have a reccomendation.
Martial arts.
Not the “karate kid” martial arts, not kung fu panda martial arts but a school that will improve your confidence, teach you how to fight and maybe even help someone else who is worse off than you.  Shop around, look at all the schools in your area and ask for help.

Karate saved my life.  It could save yours.
‘Mike Bogdanski
America’s Anti bully

Friday, March 9, 2018

Father of a bully takes action

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A father advocated for “old school parenting” in several Facebook videos that show his 10-year-old running to school after he says the boy was kicked off the bus for bullying.

Bryan Thornhill drove behind his 10-year-old son the morning of March 1, as the boy ran through the rain to school.
“Welcome to ‘you better listen to your dad 2018,’” said Thornhill in q facebook video.
Thornhill explained the 10-year-old got kicked off his school bus for three days because he was “being a little bully.”
The father said his son has had to run to school, which is about one mile from the family home, as a result. He added he made the boy run in the rain because he was rude that morning.
In the video, Thornhill refers to the punishment as “old school, simple parenting” and says it’s improved the 10-year-old’s behavior.
“Ironically, since he’s been running to school this week, his behavior’s been much better. Teachers have approved of his behavior this week. He hasn’t gotten in trouble this week, where last week, he was just absolutely out of his mind,” Thornhill said.

What do you think?