Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Captain McFinn and Friends

As an international ANTI Bully activist I am constantly looking for ways to educate children about bullying after I visit their schools. I believe that children need a regular inoculation in anti bully education. In the last several years I have done more and more elementary school presentations than I have in the past and found that quality elementary school level books were lacking.

Until now.

Phylis Cafaro and Esther Buschau blow me away with the Captain McFinn and Friends book series. My first impression of the books is the quality and vividness of the colors and the characters. The McFinn and friends have "real" personality as she draws them and they come alive with the art. The undersea kingdom theme gives a real adventure flavor to the book. My most favorite part of the book was the concept of "turning bullies into buddies". Using virtue as their guide, the targets "save" the bully and turn him into a HERO. Well Done Captain McFinn.

Can't wait for for more adventures and more music!

Mike Bogdanski
America's ANTI Bully
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