Friday, December 30, 2011

Denial - Not a River In Egypt

Is your school in denial?

In this youtube video
A Chillicothe mother is out for justice after her gay son is brutally beaten in at Union-Scioto High School, in front of his classmates by another student. One student recorded the incident on a cell phone.

If bullying is, indeed, an issue, then I say you take the denial personally ---as if you do, you may be saving some poor kid a good beating, like the boy in this video. Beyond a beating, harassment of this sort --and the verbal bullying that goes with it, is absolutely no fun to be on the end of --and it may scar someone for many years following.

If you have a school system in denial, tell me --and I will help you take steps to bring them into the real world.

Mike Bogdanski

America's ANTI Bully