Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Principal Speaks!

Dear Mike,

Your recent presentation on bullying to the teachers of the Ware School district has been characterized by many present as the most significant and timely that has taken place over the past decade. The next day the schools in our district buzzed with conversations about the ideas that you presented and how they could be shared with our students in order to improve their physical and emotional safety.

I personally found your presentation to be realistic, relevent and most of all, useful. As an educator of thirty eight years, I was gratified to be able to expand my "professional toolbox". The very next week I was able to guide and assist parents in distinguishing between aggression and assertiveness in resolving a bullying issue.

Thanks to the momentum generated by your presentation, plans are in the works to implement a peer support group to prevent bullying here at Ware Middle School. we may even name them "Bogdanski's Bully Busters! It is the overwhelming hopeof the teachers and administrators in our district that your visit to our schools will become an annual event.

Thanks So Much,

Robert K. Warren
Ware Middle School
Ware, MA

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Behavior Code

A California School Behavior code-WOW!

Students may not possess the following items: BB gun, cap gun, dart gun, pellet gun, spot marker gun, stun gun, model gun, toy gun, squirt gun, replica gun, A zip gun, a model rifle, taser, model semi-automatic weapon, toy semi-automatic weapon, knife, locking blade, switchblade knife, butterfly knife, pocket knife, Swiss Army knife, pen knife, key chain knife, kitchen knife, box knife, Exacto knife, dirk, dagger, ice pick, Razor blades, bombs, pipe bomb, time bomb, containers of inflammable fluids, clubs, billy club, blackjack, slingshot, nunchaku, sandclub, sandbag, metal knuckles, any metal plate with radiating points with one or more sharp edges, spiked jewelry & apparel, chains (including wallet chains), pepper spray or mace, anything that expels a projectile by force of air or explosion, fireworks or any incendiary devices, pressurized cartridges, and replica weapons, and the using or flashing of laser pointers. These dangerous objects may be recommended for expulsion as a quasi-mandatory.