Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ANTI Bully Activism

In the wake of the Amanda Todd tragedy, singer/songwriter Jason G. Ridge felt compelled to write a song to raise awareness and help in the fight against bullying. He then contacted me to join forces to create a content filled project. We met three weeks ago, and agreed to work together and strike quickly to get this song and message out to the world. We both believe greatly in this cause, and we’re excited to release Jason’s single “Heartbeat”, our official music video, behind the scenes video and our public service announcement. 

We’re proud of what we’ve brought to fruition in this short three-week span, from the recording studio, to the final upload of our music video. To be able to release this during Anti-Bullying week is amazing. We’d love it if you would take the time to watch our videos, and if you are interested, purchase the single (part of the proceeds will be donated to Kids Help Phone – Canada). 

Music video:
Buy the single: *part of the proceeds go to Kids Help Phone (Canada)
Behind the scenes video:
Public Service Announcement:
Jason’s Blog Post for the project:

Not bad for two Chatham-Kent residents (Merlin and Blenheim to be exact). No one should have to live their life in fear, let’s put an end to bullying, once, and for all.

If you’re interested in doing an article, or interviewing Jason and I, simply email me at or call me at 519-809-5523!

Well Done!