Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Luke Story

I often get emails from people that have been targeted by bullies.  I wanted to share the story of a courageous young man.

I know you are probably wondering who I am and why I am writing to you. My name is Luke Nelson and I am a 24 year old from Southwest MN living in a small town named Balaton. I am writing to you to share a miracle story in hopes of changing many people’s lives.

While I was in my mother’s womb I had a blot clot in my brain that was cutting off the blood flow to my cerebellum. When I was born there was 1/3 of my cerebellum missing due to the clot and the chance of survival was minimal. Miraculously, I lived through birth but the doctors still had doubt on their minds. I was told that I would never live a normal life. I wouldn’t be able to walk without bumping into things, ride a bike, attend a normal school and so on. Overcoming the doctor’s expectations, I surpassed their doubts and many more. The only result from the clot is that I bob my head, which was the start to the teasing and bullying.

All my life I have been laughed at because I bob my head. I remember being at a cross-country meets and other runners would point and laugh because I was bobbing my head when I was running. The one that hurt the most was in Mexico on a Missions trip and a little girl was laughing and bobbing her head along with me. I know she was young and didn’t know any better but something about being in another country having a little girl point and laugh got to me.

I hear and see about kids and even adults getting bullied and it hurts me. Not only does it hurt me but I know the pain they are going through. Not that long ago in a town close to mine, two girls committed suicide because of bullying. This not only hurt me but the whole town. These two girls had there whole lives to live but decided to end it because a couple of kids where bullying them.
Through my life of being bullied and seeing a lot of other victims, it has made me realize my purpose in life. That is to help everyone I can that is going through the same thing as I did because I know how it feels and know it is impossible to get through it alone. Once I shared this story to a women whose son was going through the same things I went through. The impact of the story gave her so much hope for her son and that is my dream, to give hope to thousands.

If you or you know of anyone that could help get this out I would be so grateful! It hurts me so much to see and hear of kids and adults getting bullied because I know the hurt and pain that it can cause. I just want everyone to know there is a hope and they are not alone. If you would contact me to let me know that this was received that would be great. My e-mail is

Thank for your time and God Bless,
Luke Nelson

Luke, you inspire me!  Tell everyone you meet your story so together we make a difference in the world.  Our mission - ANTI Bullying.

Your friend,

Mike Bogdanski