Friday, September 18, 2015

Facebook Is Now Adding a "Dislike" Button

            "A Dislike" button!

Wow, we have been waiting patiently as facebook fans to finally get the option to slam something on Facebook with the click of our cursor.

But, what will happen? Who will yield this as a weapon of destruction?  On social media this is just another opportunity to put people down.  Making fun of a comment, saying disrespectful tirades on aa post or photo has always been easy and now Facebook will simplifythe idea for the new social putdown. This button will fuel the fire of Facebook drama in the easily influenced teen crowd who lives on the internet.

We do have option.

  1. I can ignore it.
  2. I can comment (and stir it up)
  3. I can comment and praise
  4. I can remove the comment
  5. I can unfriend the idiot poster.
And now a "dislike" button.  It will be it's very own soap opera.

Mike Bogdanski
America's ANTI Bully